Greg Bock

UX, UI Design with some Product Marketing and Customer Success for early-stage companies mostly, with a focus on customer happiness and growth. Helping launch and optimise digital products at speed. A diverse knowledge base and experience set gives a holistic solution to most problems. Based in sunny London and operating remotely (long before Covid ).

Greg Bock

Nick Name: Bock


Location: London UK

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My Skills

Experience Skill

I have worn many hats over the years, from design to product to marketing to customer success, but my love for UI/UX and it’s interactions with marketing has brought me back to UI/UX


Language skill

Have spent time over the years doing some developement work. Never acheived expert status but picked up enough to understand how it all works that gives me a unique perspective about how to quickly and effectively implement ideas.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • MySQL


20+ Years Exprience

I left university around the time of the rise of the graphical web browser. I moved from static web to early motion graphics with Flash. After the first dot com boom I opened my own design agency. It was after running this agency for several years that I went in to business with my co founder at BookingBug ( now JRNI ) and with me on front end and him on backend turned an idea for solving booking issues into a $60+million enterprise solution.


0042 Design

UI / UX / Marketing / Consulting

A bit of a one stop shop to help start-ups and early stage companies with UI/UX, marketing planning and general advisory services.



London — UI/UX

Early investor and currently designing the V2 relaunch of the MyDocSafe app. Consulting on product and board advisor


Juggle Jobs

London — Advisor

Consultant and advisor for Juggle Jobs an innovative job placement startup that helps both company and employee a leg up in this new world.


Mimik Masks

London — Founder

Founder and lead designer of innovative folding mask company. Launch planned summer 2021.


JRNI (BookingBug)

Founder - COO
AUGUST 2007 - MARCH 2019

Founded BookingBug, designed a leading B2C booking platform that grew from 2 people to 150+, 20+ million raised, 300+ million bookings taken.


Just My Educational Background

Recieved my BFA in graphic design in the early years of the internet. Built my first website for the first graphical web browser. Have watched the trends and user patterns of both dot com booms.


G.V.S.U., Grand Rapids MI

Bachalor of Fine Arts
SEPTEMBER 1993 - JUNE 1999

Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design, emphasis in watercolor and sculpture.


My process flow with work samples

Design Sprints and other UX and product methodologies help define and execute the best version of your product. Knowledge of dozens of product delivery and design frameworks leads to a highly effective process, leaving out the trendy UX fillers most companies don’t need. Launching and optimising new products or features sometimes daily. Having been a founder I know the drill. Depending on the project complexity, every challenge is different, but always to deadline.

Stage 1

Stakeholders & user interviews Data analysis & market research Identified, data-backed solutions Customer journey

Stage 2

Wireframing User Personas

Stage 3

Testing with real users Performance analysis

Stage 4

UI design Brand identity UI of key user flows

Stage 5

Building your design system Final UI of the whole product


Lets Keep In Touch

While currently focused on UI/UX and product I am happy to chat about whatever your company may need.

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Enquiries and Messages

I enjoy discussing new UI/UX projects and design challenges. Please share as much info, as possible so we can get the most out of our first catch-up.